Struggles of a Wallflower in the Age of Social Media

Being among the crowd or following its trends has always been dreadful for me. Call me anti-social or introspective, whatever. I can’t speak for anyone else- it’s just  me. But really, whenever there is an activity where I got to meet people, I feel that I have lost so much of my energy at the end of the day that I just want to sleep. Same goes when I read updates on my newsfeed.

My work, self-development goals, personal affairs and community functions require me to attend parties, social events, seminars/workshops, and engagements, as well as communicate in messengers and emails. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do. As in super. I like learning new things through experiences, sharing the same tables with people with similar interests, and working together for a common aim. And I love improving my craft and serving people. Like I always say, my passions revolve around art and service, so it is naturally inevitable to be around folks.

Yesterday, I was in another writing workshop and I was feeling really giddy and all, because the topic was an interesting one. The facilitator said, “this is a good opportunity to build your network, so feel feel free to make new friends.” And I froze right there.

It’s. not. going. to. happen. I thought to myself. Needless to say, I went home with nobody added to my ‘network’. You know when they used to say when we were kids that we should be careful in talking with strangers? Yeah I took that by heart, unfortunately (or fortunately?). I usually attend workshops by myself, and unless a friend introduces me to another, I would not initiate any conversation. Ever. Or so I say.

One of the main subjects discussed in the workshop was the value of social media for a writer’s career in today’s age. The facilitators said that to reach your audience, you’ve got to  be efficient in using the social media platforms suitable for your content- and that includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.

And there is where my problem lies. I am not active on social media.

How am I supposed to go about things now? Experts say that I can only be successful in the writing path that I want to take, by being active on the ‘new media’ or social networking by at least posting twice a day, when I didn’t even open my FB for a couple of weeks or so. Added to that is the fact that I am not fond of taking pictures of the places I go to or the meals I eat, yet I intend to start a food and travel blog. shoot. 

I am a ninja when it comes to food and travelling- I eat a lot and get lost often. Aside from arts and literature, those are two things I would really want to talk about should I really become serious in blogging.

So yep. You’re right, this is a mini rant about feeling like a victim and being stuck in indecision. But I’m not blaming anybody. I knew there’s something to improve about myself and on how I look at things. Maybe I’ll just work things around and soon find new ways. After all, I am deliberate about obtaining what I want.

Who knows, I might just get back to Instagram.

For now, I’ll take one step at a time: posting this entry on my Facebook page, perhaps.


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