My God

 My best friend who always understands every bit of me. Everyday, He whispers gently His words of Love, and embraces me with  arms of Hope. Sometimes, I forget to listen and feel, but He never walked out on me. Instead, He asks me to let Him carry my burdens, and soothes my heart as He tries to take away all the sadness and pain. He is the reason behind the smiles I give and the genuine happiness I experience amid the chaos. He holds my hand as we walk side by side towards the Garden of Light. I see His wounds and pierced hands then I remember that He died to save me, He suffered so that I may live. Who would be insane enough to die for me? It’s Him, and He does not even mind if I call Him insane because He always say that He is really that crazy over me- crazy enough to take care of the little details of my life. Oftentimes I don’t understand His reasons, and all the doubts and fears start to crawl over me, and so I always end up running away from Him in shame of not having enough faith. But He remains persistent, he runs after me- in fact He runs ahead of me so that He would be at my destination to welcome me back to His love. Many times that He told me to just ask and I will receive, and so I asked and I did receive. He never failed me though I always fail Him. He picks me up whenever I fall, and directs me back to His Light.

My cup goes empty always, but each time it does He fills it up. His capacity to provide, overcomes my capacity to receive. So, He completes me, and I offer every bit of my being to Him, my God, my King, my Everything.


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