—(a letter for my 30 years old self from my 80 years old self)—-


He shatters the equilibrium, pushes you out to your courage zone and encourages you to take risks.

For the first time, you let someone get into the mysterious corners of your life- those weird places in your self where you never brought anyone to.

He is an added sunshine- an amazing, wonderful person whom you never thought you deserve.

You know all about his flaws, but you accept him still and love his entire being.

You both live the most out of your individual lives: going around places, meeting a lot of people, and experiencing your shares of pain and joy. He is free as a bird, and you are alive as the wind. The end of each day is filled with intimate conversations about how the day went or about your dreams, missions and ultimate life purpose.

Together, you discover things and jump into the adventures of life. The entire world becomes your home because the love that you share is expanded to others. Christ is the center of such a romance, which makes it a lot more romantic.

You are a team. You agree on some of his crazy ideas or debate about some of his uncanny points, just for the fun of it. Laughters are music, tears are poems, and arguments are manifestations of endurance.

You both learn that Love isn’t a feeling or an emotion; rather, Love is a decision- a choice that calls for an action to give and receive. Giving a part of yourself, and receiving a part of the other. It is a decision to forgive, to be hurt, to be patient, and to be understanding. Thus, the fears, defeats, failures, and mistakes would never be grounds for shame because you know that each Pain is essential to mold one’s character, and to let your relationship grow.

Heartbreak is guaranteed, but he is  there to restore your heart’s natural wholeness by all his means. He is your light, and you are his rock.

He is not a prince charming, but he certainly is a valiant warrior sent from Above. It is not a fairy tale, and you won’t live happily ever after because life is filled with trials. But your story has always been beautiful and filled with hope, and such lasts beyond a lifetime. Each page of your Book contains words that you have been writing together, always guided by the Hands pierced with the nails of Salvation.

So keep loving, keep smiling. The best is yet to come. 


Yours Truly,


Your 80 year old self


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