Poem For A Friend


You have already suffered

from others’ prejudice.

you have cried

with yourself, with nobody else.

You had those secrets,

they won’t understand

until they dig into your heart.

Their eyes are shut.

They are deaf.

They treated you wrongly.

They have imposed judgment upon you.

And you suffered the pain

that shouldn’t have been yours.

You have carried the burden

of the world’s indifference.

But today… today is the brighter day.

You have opened yourself to the world.

you have opened your hearts to your friends.

Be calm, trust us.

We are here by your side.

We are ready to celebrate

with you in every achievement.

We are here to offer our

shoulders for you to cry on,

we are here to cry with you.

We accept your uniqueness,

And we love you for who you are.


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