I have been fond of watching movies and reading novels about people ‘in love’. After every “the end”, I would think and wonder ‘would I have the same kind of love story in the future?’.  Although I have promised God to wait for you to come at the right time and moment, I can’t help it but to long for your presence despite the fact of not having known who you are yet.

Oftentimes, I would think about you and arrive at so many questions: what kind of person could you be; what kind of family do you belong from; are you a person I have yet to meet, or are you one of the people I already know; are you waiting for me like I do for you?

No matter how I try to avoid thinking of you, the idea would just pop-in.

I pray hard that He is taking care of you. I pray that you have Him too. I pray that you are also preparing yourself for the day we shall be together. I pray that you are also saving your purity.

I have been waiting, and I really do pray that all the waiting stuff are worthwhile.

Whenever I would come to think of the fact that you are not with me yet, I get glum. But I am encouraged by just thinking of how precious you are, and how exquisite the story would turn out.

Someday, God will reveal you to me. I just do not know how. I do not know when and where. But I am certain that you are  a gift that is more precious and valuable than any material possesion in the world.

Our love story will certainly be the best, for God has been the scriptwriter of this wonderful adventure. He, who is eternal, would keep us together forever.

I will wait for you. I promise.



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